Tuesday, July 4, 2017

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We are an adult education process that provides a way of seeing things differently. It lays down a path to self-discovery, allowing each person to have their own journey.

Ours is a spiritual way for people who have reached the proverbial “end of their rope” to find new answers to old questions.

It is the opportunity to put the reins of life back in your hands and the chance to recognize the choices before you. Whether you are seeking to regain your central balance, or a maintenance rehab program, there are answers for you here.

Our classes have four Stages:

  • Stage One is AWAKENING to life being different.
  • Stage Two is AWARENESS to the multitude of choices available.
  • Stage Three is ACCEPTANCE of Who You Really Are.
  • Stage Four is APPLICATION of the tools learned.

For those interested in helping others we also provide training to become an Inside-Out Spiritual Life Coach.

Inside Out is most effective when the muck, the stench, in one's life approaches being unbearable. (Mucking is a process of cleaning out an animal’s stall by removing the old hay that has been placed on the floor to absorb the animal’s excretion, and replacing it with new hay. When this process is ignored long enough life for the animal and those around it approaches being unbearable).

Classes are available on campus at the Personal Growth Community (aka-SMHAS) in Irvine, CA with AM/PM and Saturday classes. We have many out-of-state students so if scheduling or distance is a problem we have conference calls and delayed listening possibilities along with private sessions.

Check the "Inside-Out/Unnerved" Meet-Up Calendar often for up-coming classes. One may start the program at each new class. There is no order in which they should be taken. The class you choose will be perfect for you. Most classes are two hours a week for eight weeks. We promise your time and money will be well spent.

We also have an outreach program where we will come to your facility to teach
people who have addictive and/or counter-productive behavior patterns to help make better choices after rehab or incarceration.

For class schedules or more information contact Conneta Johnson at 951.283.6976.