Coach Certification

Inside-Out Coach Certification

Definition of life coach: an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems.

Definition of Ontology (nature of being) - A compassionate and intimate look at who we are, one that includes our true nature and what we are here to accomplish. 

As an Inside-Out certified Spiritual Life Coach you will learn to ask questions that will assist people in making decisions, solve their problems, discover their true nature, and recognize what it is that they wish to accomplish in life.

Each class is designed to help you recognize these things within yourself so that you can then assist others. This 58 week program covers:

  • Finding Your Genuine Self --- 8 weeks
    Discovering the filters from which you see the world

  • Co-Creating - Law of Attraction Level II --- 12 weeks
    Working with the Universe to create your desires

  • Soul Searching --- 8 weeks
    The difference between your personality & your soul

  • Key Concepts of Today’s Spirituality --- 12 weeks
    9 Expanded ways to Experience God & 34 Aspects of Today’s Spirituality

  • World Religions --- 8 weeks
    Finding the common threads

  • Home With God --- 10 weeks
    Understanding death, dying (transition) and counseling others
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Conneta Johnson

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