Inside-Out / Unnerved

Unnerved means to feel deprived of courage, strength, determination or confidence or to find oneself upset.

Inside-Out is a spiritual outreach program of classes for people who find their lives out of balance with the world. This may be from being a single parent, to post-traumatic stress, addiction, abuse, grief or trying to traverse life alone.

Inside-Out is for the person who finds themselves at the end of the preverbal-  “rope,” feels a lack of courage or is constantly upset.  For the person who is drowning in emotion and can’t seem to get a grasp on the surrounding circumstance and has lost self-confidence.

Inside-Out is the opportunity to put the reins of life back in your hands and the chance to recognize the choices before you. Whether it is to regain your central balance or a maintenance rehab program you are seeking there are answers for you here.

Whatever the reason you come to us we are here to listen, seek answers, enfold you and provide a community of like-minded people. Each class is a time of open sharing, without feed-back, community building and lesson plans of self- esteem building and personal insight. Our goal is to create balance & harmony.

Whether you are new to spirituality or have been around for years there are insights here for everyone. Sometimes all life needs is a new perspective. Ours is new in approach and pushes the envelope on theory. All are welcome.

Check the Inside-Out/Unnerved Meet-Up Calendar often for up-coming classes. One may start the program at each new class. There is no order in which they should be taken. The class you choose will be perfect for you. Most classes are two hours a week for eight weeks. We promise your time and money will be well spent.

Day & nighttime classes may be taken at the Personal Growth Community in Irvine CA. People outside of Orange County or out-of-state may attend conference calls or delayed listening. We strive to meet the scheduling needs for active living. All classes are two hours for 8 weeks at $25 per session and a one-time material fee of $25. Classes and text books are paid for through PayPal at connetaj@gmail.com.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing life’s journey.

Conneta Johnson

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